Welcome to Anglin's Fishing Pier

Anglins Pier first opened on November 24 1963. It has been, and still is today, an important part of Lauderdale by the Sea offering tourists and fishermen a Great Time.

An all around good time at Anglin's Fishin Pier

Be sure and stop at the Cafe for some food!

"Beautiful location with tasty food and friendly staff. A great place to enjoy the sea while eating at the entrance to a pier. This is simple food and casual dining and great atmosphere. "

Ari H

"Love Angelins Pier! I’ve been going down there my whole life. There’s a beautiful strip before you hit the pier and a restaurant in the front of it. The view is always perfect and there’s always at least one person fishing out there. Oh, and there’s a bait shop! Very important to know if you’ll be fishing there."

Nalinie R

"As always very beautiful 😍 ❤️ love for sunbathing and swimming , fishing off of the pier , awesome for kids and families, close by to everything, great restaurants all around."



Monday-Sunday: 7am-10pm

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